Alpha F1 Review 2023 - Does It Work? 5 Things You Need to Know

Alpha F1

What is Alpha F1?

Alpha F1, a testosterone booster, is used by men to dissolve the problem of low (insufficient) amount of testosterone in the body. It is very useful for one’s personal, professional and sex life as well as it energies an individual by providing the required supplements. It is very useful for building bulk. It increases the metabolism of the body thus resulting in burning fat easily (faster weight loss) and reducing the excessive weight. As it increases the metabolism of the body the chances of many diseases reduces by a considerable extent and one can enjoy different health benefits.

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Alpha F1 contains natural ingredients that improve the testosterone levels naturally. It improves libido due to which one can attain multiple orgasms in bed thus resulting in better sexual performance. It also increases your stamina and recovery time from an injury. It also helps one gain lean muscle thus can be used by gymmers also. It gives one the required amount of energy to perform daily things. Proper health can also be maintained because of it.

After a certain age the testosterone levels in a male can reduce considerably. There can be various reasons for this such as stress, continuous consumption of alcohol, depression, etc. So the need for a supplement that can solve the problem of low testosterone levels increases for men to remain happy.

Alpha F1 has Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longfolia) as the key herbal ingredient in it. Tongkat Ali has numerous amount of benefits as a result it is used in almost all the health products. But the presence of natural ingredients doesn’t mean that it is fully side-effect free. There are chances that one can get side effect by this product as no real scientific proofs of the product are available.

Manufacturer Details

This supplement is produced in the US by Alpha F1 company in St. George, Utah, near Arizona border. All sales of Alpha F1 are made online through the official website. The product is also packaged and delivered from manufacturer. 14 day free trial is given to the customers and if you are not satisfied with the product you can cancel your order only the shipping cost will be charged.

How does Alpha F1 work?

Because of these natural ingredients the stamina of one’s body is increased. Also the energy levels of the body are raised. As it is a testosterone booster it definitely will help you in your sex life. There will be increase in semen production, libido and stamina in bed thus resulting in satisfaction of your partner which ultimately lead to a better married life. Thus all the requirements of the body are fulfilled by this product. But everything is claimed. No proof is available about the benefits of the product.

One must know that only the testosterone of the body is necessary. No outer source of testosterone should be there. The body will resist the outside hormone and side-effects may develop.

But it has been found that Alpha F1 is not as efficient as claimed by its producers as it has only 100 mg Tongkat Ali compared to the required 400 mg and standard 200-300 mg. So we can say that Alpha F1 is not so efficient as compared to the other products available in the market in the same price.

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Ingredients of Alpha F1

Alpha F1 has natural ingredients like :-

Vitamins B1 & B6 60 mg
Eurycoma Longfolia Extract 100 mg (Tongkat Ali)
Zinc 20 mg

Vitamin B1

It is also known as Thiamine and helps in muscle growth and muscle development so it is widely used in muscle gaining products.

Vitamin B6

It helps in increasing the testosterone level and maintains the health of the nerves of the body.

Eurycoma Longfolia Extract 100 mg (Tongkat Ali)

It is one of the most common ingredients present in health supplements as it has endless number of benefits. Blood flow in the body is increased by its consumption. It also limits SHBG level s in the body.

Zinc 20 mg

It is used in many medicines also as it strengthens the immune system of the body. The recovery time of the body decreases.


Includes natural ingredients
Helps to reduce abdomen fat


Can cause side effects.
Doesn’t has the required or say the standard amount of Tongkat Ali (100 mg instead of standard 200-300 mg and effective 400 mg)
Has only 4 ingredients (6-10 is standard number for ingredients like this)
Customer reviews are not available.
Very high price.

Final Verdict

We strongly recommend you not to waste your money on this product. There are only claimed benefits or say advantages. Free trial is available but for that one has to sign up for billing monthly.

No strong proof is available about the product been benefitial to the customers. Also there are chances that side-effect can occur by consumption of this product which can worsen your condition more than what it was before. The free trial offer is very scammy. If you don’t cancel the order within 14 days of free trial, you will have to pay $89.95 for the product you were getting for free but they will say that this charge is for maintaining the membership. Alpha F1 is a big flop!