Pham Vu (Woodbridge): Steroids or Natural? Guide In 2020


Name : Pham Vu
Year of Birth : 1981
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 150 lbs
Profession :Bodybuilder, Model
Athletic Background : Bodybuilding
Optimal Aim : To compete

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Pham Woodbridge is usually referred to as Pham Vu, because of a mistake made in an internet based interview on a well-known body building website a couple of year back. Woodbridge was really the name of the city he was residing in at that time and is not his actual surname.

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Pham Vu (Woodbridge): Steroids Or Natural?
Guide In 2020

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Right now we have uncovered that up – who is actually Pham Vu?

Pham had constantly been into physical fitness increasing, but there was one time in his teenage life he began to drift with the incorrect crowd. He found alcohol abuse and staying out late hours appealing in his young, still, he quickly encountered the rules.

Immediately noticing the mistake of his ways, he dedicated to working out with the recommendation of one of his best friends. Pham made a solid and healthy change into an industry exactly where he’s enclosed by world class sports athletes who encourage millions all over.

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He never stops to grow an enormous fan base on social networking and works as a model moving around the world living out his hopes and dreams.

This really is his story :

He obtained a great deal of publicity when highlighted him as their Body space members of the calendar month, with others especially mirin his abs and trap growth. Then he fascinated much more eye-balls after his speech with Shredded simply .

Body Composition

Pham’s body doesn’t instantly jump out as delicious, which explains why many people believe he could be all-natural. He’s not overloaded, he doesn’t possess an HGH gut, there’s absolutely no gyno…but he has cobra traps.

Traps are usually more prone to development on a cycle steroid , because of them having a lot more androgen receptors compared to some other groups of muscle . Hence when testosterone ranges increase – they pump up.

On the other hand, it’s extremely possible to have massive traps and not be on steroids; therefore do you have any more proof to recommend Pham Vu’s recently been juicinag?


When Pham strategies into the fitness center, he definitely ensures each and every rep counts, as Pham claims, “when I move into the fitness center and wear those headphones, the time is right to go to perform !” His work ethic and also working out focus is motivated by thinking somebody someplace is working harder compared to he is actually.

Pham’s Cardio Theory

For remaining looking ripped and lean, Pham loves to depend on well balanced and healthy eating habits and his amazing rate of metabolism. However, when he does want to teach using cardio exercise, he’ll swap things up and walk at a gradual pace on a running machine, or make use of the stair master a few times per week. that, as Pham claims, "helps melt body fat quicker and maintain hard-earned muscle mass ."

Pham’s Cardio

Walking on the treadmill machine at 3 .0 incline/3 .0 speed four periods per week.

Gains Timeline

In case you’ve found out any of my other articles on, you’ll experience that a person’s ‘gains timeline’ might give a steroid-user away.

Therefore , let's check if Pham Vu’s gains timeline is doubtful or not…

From 2003 to 2010, Pham Vu has achieved exactly what look to be an additional 30 lbs of muscle; with his delts, traps, arms and upper body exploding into life.

He’s moved from appearing in good shape or quite muscular to a rea l way of life.

He’s developed lots of muscle and burnt a good deal of fat throughout these 7 year, with his delts and also traps literally popping removed.

Furthermore, as opposed to what he appears like in the 2010 picture, he’s obtained a great deal of mass. Natty’s that are genetically gifted, as seen with ct fletcher, Jeff Seid and also Steven Cao; appear like absolute beasts as guys finding your way through puberty.

People who are all natural look pretty amazing and before they start weight lifting; then they gain around 20lbs from their newbie benefits – and then find it difficult to gain anymore size later on.

But in Pham’s case, he’s skilled amazing newbie gains, yet has also added an additional 30lbs in lean body mass after this stage. However these are standard benefits of a steroid-user , because natty people almost always plateau after the beginner gains stage is over.

From looking at Pham’s benefits timeline, it seems like he could’ve taken steroids to develop the body he has these days.

Therefore, if he has use steroids – which ones are sure to have consumed?

Pham’s body is pretty looking natural and also isn’t extremely dry or heavy, so it is smart that he could’ve taken testosterone.

The test will give a user large muscle mass gains along with a decent quantity of fat loss. It’ll additionally increase muscle mass hardness and also maintain your muscle bellies appearing very complete.

However, testosterone won’t quickly get you shredded such as Pham; that credit to him eating habits and for nailing constantly for over a decade and also building a high-class setting of abs…that even frankzane could be pleased with.

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